Docker build completes successfully after "Spin up Environment" without running steps

I’m attempting to build an app on three platforms.

There is a Mac build and two which use Docker images. Those two are identical apart from the docker image.

One of them just quits after setting up the environment:

The other one completes fine:

How can I debug why the steps are not being run?

Hello, that is quite strange.

I suspect that the Docker image is exiting somehow and thus killing the job. Can you share the image here or, of not, open a ticket so we can take a look?

We’re trying to build for Raspberry Pi by basing our image off of resin/armv7hf-debian-qemu, so there are plenty of things that could be going wrong.

When I get some time to look into this again, I’ll report back!

Oh! We can’t run ARM images, since we are on x86 machines. They completely fail. I’ll check if we forgot to document this when we last discovered it.

No new information to anyone here but for future reference we have this mentioned here so hopefully others are able to find it:

We are also looking into detecting ARM images so perhaps we can implement some kind of warning in the UI.

If you are interested in CircleCI adding ARM support, please cast your vote and share your opinion here:

Thank you!

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Hi there!

This is not actually an ARM image, it uses QEMU to emulate ARM. I’ve had this image running on both Windows/macOS x64 hosts, installed node v10 for ARM and ran a test script outputting process.arch with no issues.

Hi Tim,

It’s possible this is a limitation caused by how we secure the container then. We would need to be able to see the build to dig deeper it what’s happening.

Perhaps an entirely different issue, but our builds randomly and sporadically began completely failing at the Spin up Environment stage and prints errors (unlike the OP whose build silently fails)…

Re: seeing the build, I submitted a ticket that might be related. Zendesk case 46920

That’s a completely different issue. Will respond via the ticket

If your code would work on an ordinary Linux x86 machine, then perhaps a Machine executor would be worth a try? They are less locked down than containers.

Yes, but I believe that since QEMU is telling our executor that that’s ARM we are crashing. The issue at the root is that we need to inject the build agent binary into the job and we can’t do that since it’s not compiled for ARM.

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