Disable automatic environment requirements detection and installs


I’m trying to use CircleCI for deployment, but all of my builds failing because CircleCI running composer install using PHP < 7.0 and npm install without some another required components.

I don’t need any composer install or npm install for now.

Is there any way to disable all of this automatic environment requirements detection and install?



You can use the override section in any CircleCI phase to prevent us from running what we normally would: https://circleci.com/docs/configuration/

For example:

    - do-what-i-want-prevent-circles-commands

But there is no commands that I need to be executed before deployment. Of course I can write something like `echo “Ignore CircleCI defaults” but it looks like very dirty workaround.

It’s very strange that there is no easy way to disable things like this from project settings GUI.

So I’ve found that there is no need to change cyrcle.yml. I can just add echo "Ignore CircleCI defaults" in “Dependency overrides” and “Test commands” from project settings.

Exactly that works. I usually use circle.yml as to have a much configuration in code as possible but the UI is also an alternative. Glad you got it working as needed.