Different commit SHA makes Codecov coverage report fail


On my organization for the PR to be able to be merged we need all github checks to pass plus a code reviewer. CI and code coverage are the checks we have on this repo, but lately I’ve seen that when the last commit is made “from github” e.g. when pressing the “Update branch” button (merge); the codecov upload fails with a “HTTP 400 - Commit sha does not match Circle build.” error message.

Sample builds where the coverage problem is visible:

The issue is that, without coverage being uploaded, the checks hang there in pending state and I can’t merge the PR.

On the top right of the failing build report I see that the commit that triggered the build is the right one (the last one, created by pressing the button on github).

However, the codecov bash executed after build success makes the request using a different SHA that I can’t recognize.

Any help would be appreciated. Cheers

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