Deploy not using the fingerprint

Hello there,
today i started to use circleci for the first time!
I tried to create a deploying environment for my laravel app to my webspace.

On my webspace i created a ssh key and inserted it into " Additional SSH Keys". Everything works to the point where circleci tries to log into my server.
Instead of using the fingerprint it stops and asks for the password. What am i missing?

enabled: true
- add_ssh_keys:
- “xxxx”
- checkout
- run:
name: Setup
command: |
chmod 755 .circleci/
ssh-keyscan myserverip >> ~/.ssh/known_hosts
- run:
name: Deploy
command: ./.circleci/

When you added the key to CircleCI did you specify the hostname field it connects to? if so, can you try adding it with a blank hostname field and see if it still can’t connect?

As a test can you ssh into the machine job and inspect to make sure the keys are generated in ~/.ssh? You can also try manually adding it to the agent and then trying to perform SSH operations with ssh-add -K ~/.ssh/id_rsa_008cfdefdds98fds7fsdf7sd9f8 or whatever the additional key is named in your job. If it works after manually adding it then it would help narrow down the issue here.