Database setup with 2 language

I’m using mainly two languages in my dev stack: ruby and golang. I’m setting up database with ruby and I’m using this database (postgresql) on both ruby and golang.
Ruby side:
With setting up circleCi for ruby repo I have no problems - I can easily spin up database with rake db:create and rake db:migrate and run tests there.
Golang side:
I have no idea how to properly setup circleCi so that ruby would setup database for tests for me and then I could use golang to work with that db.

The only solution I’m seeing right now is to use custom image but maybe there is a way to setup db with ruby and then use that db with golang image? Let me know :slight_smile:

This step does not do anything ruby specific, its just making a DB and loading up the schema.

On the go side, you should be able to connect to the same exact database that was created in your ruby step using a connection URL that refers to the docker image that you are using for your db.

If you share your entire config we can give you some more pointers.

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