Custom test schema location is not respected on CI run

I have an issue with setting geo data for iOS simulator on CircleCI.

XCode: 12.1.0 (specified in .yaml file)
Simulator: iPhone 11 Pro, OS 14.1

My task is to set different location for simulator before build starts and with e2e test check the respective location is set when user requests current location in app.
I achieved this by updating test schema with custom .gpx file with coordinates for the place I need.
(Allow Location Simulation is enabled and respective file is used, test suits are also configured to use this .gpx file)
Locally this works just fine, when I run the same test on CI another location which I suppose to be a default one for all schemas (namely some San Francisco address) is used. Seems that the custom location settings are not respected by CircleCI.
I tried to explicitly set test schema env. variable in .yaml file however the result is the same.
Does anyone know about the possible issue here?

I think the issue for this is that the sim isn’t set to use “custom location”. This is set in Features -> Location in the sim app, but I’m not how this can be set at the command line.