Curl in android tasks returns empty string while run with gradlew

def requestArray = ['curl', '-X', 'POST', "\"\"",
                       '-d', 'api_token=\"API\"',
                       '-d', 'id=\"' + projectId + '\"',
                       '-d', 'language=\"' + lang + '\"',
                       '-d', 'type=\"android_strings\"']

        def request = requestArray.execute()

        def response = request.text

Works well on local machine.

Also curl from SSH session on CircleCI works:

circleci@1ddd13d4aa60:~$ curl -X POST \
>      -d api_token="22d988cb4a939df8d62553195730fdf4" \
>      -d id="250751" \
>      -d language="fr-ch" \
>      -d type="android_strings"

But when I run the command (that works on local machine)

circleci@1ddd13d4aa60:~/code$ ./gradlew app:downloadTranslations

it just return an empty string instead of Json and even no error.