Cuda-11.8 gpu cuda image - any plans?

Current GPU image is cuda 11.4 - ubuntu-2004-cuda-11.4:202110-01.
Cuda 11.4 was released on July, 2021.

Would be nice to get updated cuda images. e.g. cuda-11.8

Or cuda 12, cudnn 8.8 is out as well

We are changing the way we do Linux CUDA images slightly. This will hopefully lead to more frequent updates. The new system will have one image family per major CUDA version, starting with v11. Can anyone here try it out and tell me what you think?

The new image is linux-cuda-11 and the first and only tag is 2023.02.1. This means to use the first image, you’d specify in your config:


This image contains CUDA v11.8.x, v11.6.x, and v11.4.x. The latest release included, in this case, vv11.8, will be the default. The default CUDA version can be changed by running the following:

sudo update-alternatives --set cuda /usr/local/cuda-11.6

That will change the default to v11.6 instead of 11.8.

In this image looks good, we will move forward later this month to a v12 image to exist in parallel with the v11 image.

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Thank you so much! I will try now.
It would be nice if it could be used by parameter as resource_class: gpu.nvidia.small by with cuda
Working nice

Pytorch 2.0.1 comes with cuda 12.1. When Cuda 12.1 images will be avaible? @apivovarov

hi @johnnynunez - apologies for the late reply. i have not been checking discuss. let me take a look into this.

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Hi @jalex, any news?

Hi @johnnynunez - I replied to your comment in the other thread, but linux-cuda-12:2023.05.1 has both CUDA 12.0 and 12.1. Per Ricardo’s reply above, you can switch between versions with sudo update-alternatives --set cuda /usr/local/cuda-12.0. 12.1 is default.