Create environment variable in powershell to persist between steps


I have used the below code in bash to create an environment variable to be used in another step.

echo 'export VERY_IMPORTANT=$("somevalue")' >> $BASH_ENV

However I cannot seem to find a way to do this in PowerShell. Is this possible?


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I have the same issue and have also tried writing the environment variable to the PowerShell profile which doesn’t seem to be executed on subsequent steps.

New-Item $Profile.CurrentUserAllHosts -Force
Add-Content -Path $Profile.CurrentUserAllHosts -Value '$Env:BUILD_VERSION = "1.0.0"'

The following returns null when run in a subsequent step.

Update 8/12:

A coworker found this post and rubber ducked me into realizing I had a dumb syntax error while calling the env var.

This works as expected provided you’re calling the var correctly with

That is similar to how I have it working. What path does that resolve to?