@ convention in orb filenames

I’ve noticed that some of Circle’s orbs use @orb.yml or similar as the filename, where orb.yml used to be the convention. The publishing docs have an example of this, but don’t really seem to give any context about the meaning of this. Can someone provide docs or details about why this is, and whether there’s any benefit?

Also, what tagging / versioning strategies do folks use when managing orbs from a monorepo? We’ve just switched ours to a single repo, which just seems easier to manage in terms of the above.

The @ is part of the FYAML convention we use in our circleci config pack command in our CLI. It tells the config packer to treat that file as the root node when collapsing the file tree into a YAML document. FYAML is documented here: https://github.com/CircleCI-Public/fyaml

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