Convenience Images Update: Clarifying customer-facing vs. internal-use Docker Hub repos

After becoming aware that some customers were using images in their CircleCI projects from that are not intended to be customer-facing, we have added descriptions to all public, non-customer-facing images in the circleci Docker Hub organization clarifying that these images are not part of our convenience images suite.

We have also made one of these images private (Terraform), in order to avoid as much customer confusion as possible. (We may make additional of these non-customer-facing images private in the future.)

If you were or are using one of these images—some of the mostly likely candidates being, e.g., Splunk Forwarder, Terraform, RabbitMQ, or Cassandra—please switch to official community images of these services:

If an image on is not marked as a CircleCI convenience image, it means, at a minimum, that it was not created with customer use-cases in mind; we may not keep it updated with upstream bugfixes or new releases and can make no guarantees w.r.t its functionality for customers.

Information about customer-facing convenience images is available below:

Going forward, we are exploring dividing convenience images and internal-use images into separate Docker Hub organizations, to make this experience simpler for users.

Thank you!


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