Continuous Drupal Part 3

In Continuous Drupal Part 2

Part 3 is mentioned…

n the 3rd part of this “Continuous Drupal” series, we’re going to find a place to host our Drupal website using Kubernetes, allowing us to scale the hosting infrastructure as our site becomes more and more popular.

Does anyone know the url to this “3rd part”. If not is there another blog post that would be similar?


cc @FelicianoTech any ideas?

Hi @developerroyal,

Unfortunately that series was never completed. There is no part 3. I’ll make sure to go back to that article and get it updated/corrected.

A company that works solely in the Drupal/WordPress space is Pantheon and they have several resources on getting Drupal and CircleCI working together. In particular, they have this getting started repo that you might want to check out:

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Yes. Unfortunate. But thank you for following up and for the tip.
Much appreciated.

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