Continuous deployment to Play Store For Native Application

I have got an Nativescript application which basically generates apk file which I want to upload to Google Play store test track. I have seen Google Publishing API which can help here. I also saw fastlane but I guess it is supported only on ios devices. Can someone please guide me to good sample where the apk generated are actually published to play store.

I tried searching this on net but couldn’t find helpful blogs. If you are aware about it then please let me know. My build is at

P.S: Currently I am only looking for Android Deployment.

Hi there,

Fastlane is your best bet and it works for iOS and Android. You can see the android specific documentation here:

Thank you for your reply. will that work with Circle CI as I guess fastlane is just for ios systems. I might be wrong. Any pointers on integrating fastlane with CircleCI?

Fastlane is a ruby tool, so you can use it anywhere where ruby runs.

Here’s a blog post I found about using Fastlane + CircleCI + Android

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