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I am newbie to the CircleCI, in the doc somewhere i have seen “Container” resource means 2CPU’s and 4GB RAM. But if you choose “Executor” type as “Machine” configuration says 2CPU’s Intel® Xeon® @ 2.3GHz as processor family , 8GBRAM and 100GB Storage.

Got confused with above configurations which one is correct?

Thanks in Advance.

Hello @nish-mdn,

When using CircleCi, you may select which environment you would like your project to run in.
Currently we offer:

  • The Docker Executor
  • The MacOS Executor
  • The Machine Executor.

And there are more to come! You can read about these here:

In short, the Docker executor allows you to run your project in a Docker image, which has many benefits which are listed in the page above. By default, the specs of the docker executor are 2CPU’s and 4GB RAM, however we also have the ability to increase your resource class on Docker all they way up to 16Gb or RAM and 8 CPU cores:

The Machine executor, is a different execution environment. This is an Ubuntu based virtual machine. You can read more about the machine executor here:
this does have the specs you mentioned 2 CPU Intel(R) Xeon(R) @ 2.3GHz 8GB 100GB but there is no resource class available.


@KyleTryon Thanks for your quick reply. Can you please answer few more questions what i have those are as follows:

  • when you request more resources like RAM or CPU cores via “resource_class” is that chargeable because we are exceeding from the default one?

  • By default if i didn’t mention any executor type what will be the default, is this docker executor as default?

  • In docker executor can i use windows image?

Thanks in advance.

This is probably a matter of opinion, but I’d say it’s likely “mostly yes”. That said, one cannot downgrade an instance, from the default 4G RAM, using this option, unless one is on a paid tier (I asked).

You have to specify an executor. Docker is probably thought of as the main one though.

No. You might be able to use the Wine emulator on Machine, but I’d consider that very experimental :smile:

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