Cocoa Pods is running in verbose mode

Cocoa Pods commands (pod install, pod lib lint) are running in verbose mode, although I don’t use --verbose param. I want turn off verbose mode in order to get shorter logs.

Is there some way to turn off it?


I noticed this as well today. Takes a long time to parse those logs.

Hey folks! The CocoaPods config file should be located in the homepath ~.

You can edit it however you like prior to running anything.

Of course, if a build fails without verbose logging, it’s much more difficult for us to provide support. If that’s okay with you, feel free to edit the CocoaPods config file as needed in a CircleCI config step (i.e. within your .circleci/config.yml file).

For those still having this problem: the culprit is the ~/.cocoapods/config.yaml file that’s fetched from the script.

It seems to override parameters passed to CocoaPods (such as verbose: false).