Cmd shell + quoting hell

I have problems using cmd as shell (should not do that, I know, but there is legacy code around).

It’s about quoting. If I define a line in .config as ci\appveyor.bat this is presented to cmd.exe as ci\\appveyor.bat. Likewise, a double quote " is converted to \". Needless to say, cmd.exe is not particularly happy about this.

I might of course, God forbid, have missed some documentation. But I basically see no way to create a command line to cmd.exe which does not mangle special characters.

The work around is to package all commands in a single script which is accessible without any \ in the path. It works, but is somewhat clumsy.



Would it be possible to send us an extract of your config.yml showing what you are doing when running into this issue and we will be happy to take a look into this for you.

Kind Regards