CircleCLI + minitest


for one of our projects we use minitest on CircleCI, and I was wondering how to get the tests ordered by their timing instead of naming?

I’m executing the following command :

cc-test-reporter before-build
TEST_FILES=$(circleci tests glob "test/**/*_test.rb" | circleci tests split --split-by=timings) bundle exec rake
cc-test-reporter format-coverage -t simplecov -o "coverage/codeclimate.$CIRCLE_NODE_INDEX.json"

And the environment prints out the following message before starting the tests:

Requested historical based timing, but they are not present.  Falling back to name based sorting

Is there a special command needed or gem to get timing based results working with minitest for Ruby projects?

Nobody has an idea about this?

Are you storing those test results, and can you see them actively populated in the test summary after the job completes? I usually recommend making sure the test summary is correctly populated with the results and then run a few jobs. And it should be able to split by timing once it has enough data.

I don’t even know how to get the gem to properly create the build artifacts to begin with…
Seems some kind of configuration problem is not generating the required files. Will dig a bit deeper.