Circleci/gcp-cli copy artifacts to Google Cloud Storage Bucket

Once our build is complete we were planning to simply zip up the artifacts and copy them to a Google Cloud Storage bucket utilizing the gsutil cp command.

e.g. gsutil cp gs://our-dev-bucket

I have been utilizing the documentation and thus far have been unsuccessful. I did create an empty repo with just the orb code utilizing the simple_install_and_configure

  gcp-cli: circleci/gcp-cli@1.0.0
version: 2.1
      - gcp-cli/install_and_initialize_cli:
          context: myContext
          executor: gcp-cli/default

In order to get this to complete I had to remove the last line. In any case, does anyone have an example config.yml for calling the circleci/gcp-cli@2.4.0 orb and performing a simple copy and paste to a GCS bucket? I would really appreciate it.