CircleCI copy files before AWS EBS Elastic Beanstalk Deployment

Please see my circleci ‘deployment’ code below…

    branch: dev
      - cp .env.use
      - ls -ld .?* 
      - eb use software-development --profile default
      - eb deploy --profile default

I want to copy .env.use so it can pick up the right env vars (I know it is not best practice, but useful for dev).

It does copy the files, as the command after confirms this…

However, when it get’s pushed Elastic Beanstalk those files do not exist.
They are not in .gitignore and I don’t have the elastic beanstalk ignore file.

I am checking by having the following .ebextensions

            command: "ls -a /var/app/current"

It seems as if when i’m copying files they are seperate from what eb deploy picks up?

Any help much appreciated!

Found the answer to my question.
I basically got to git add / git commit.

It seems it pulls the latest commited version.