CircleCI CLI v2.1 support?

I’ve recently started using CircleCI v2.1 features. I found the CircleCI CLI, which purported the ability to test jobs locally. However when I try with my v2.1 config, it says 2.1 is not yet supported.

Is v2.1 support coming to circle ci’s cli any time soon?


Not quite yet, as it requires some parts that aren’t available locally yet.

I’m being told that running circleci config process first may help. Can you describe what you are looking to do that 2.0 doesn’t work for you?

We are very interested in using Orbs in particular, but I’ve also used executors and commands. The when step is also intriguing, as being able to do conditional things is something I’ve needed in the past and never found a good way of handling with prior versions of CCI’s config.

I’m actually already writing an Orb myself for AWS Elastic Beanstalk, as that is apparently not a part of AWS CLI. I think Orbs were one of the key missing features from CCI v2 that we sorely needed. Saves a heck of a lot of work on my end. :wink:

Anyway, since we DID use Orbs, Executors and Commands in our latest CCI configs, we were not able to do any local testing of them with the CLI. Instead we have had to push changes to CCI itself, which has lengthened the process of creating or updating CCI scripts. Being able to test them locally just by running a circleci cli command would be wonderful.