CircleCI builds and runs some tests successfully but then freezes

I have a node.js project that has a large amount of test files written. I have Jest set up in order to test that things are working and all tests pass locally, but when I try to test something on CircleCI it starts testing and then gets to a point and freezes until 10 minutes have passed. At that point it is automatically canceled. All tests that are tested before it freezes pass. I’m confused and looking for help as to why the testing freezes like this. This is an open source project so I would be happy to link anyone to the repository on GitHub. Please just let me know. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me.

Hey @samfuller01,

There is a decent chance that you will require more than 4Gb of RAM and therefore need to enable the resource_class setting to one with more memory (medium+, large).

Before that, try lengthening the amount of time the job has before timing out by increasing the no_output_timeout limit:

The default is 10 minutes, give 20 a try. If that doesn’t work, feel free to open a ticket with support and we’ll be happy to check the memory usage of the container.