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We are using image circleci/android:api-24-node for building android apk files. Our application is built in Cordova which supports JDK 8, but with the latest changes on the image api-24-node being upgraded to JDK 11 our builds are failing. We cannot really upgrade our applications to support JDK 11 as Cordova hasn’t upgraded to support JDK 11.

Is there any chance we could use the old version of circleci/android:api-24-node that supports JDK 8?
If not, can you please guide on what steps required to build a customer image for our purposes that behaves exactly like the previous version of circleci/android:api-24-node supporting JDK 8?

Our application development is completely stalled as we cannot go ahead with any releases. Would really appreciate any suggestions

Hi @starlight

If you would like to revert to the previous image, you can pin the image by including the image SHA in the configuration.

Here is a support article documenting the process of image pinning:

Just go to the " spin up environment" step of the previous successful job, and there you will see sha256 of the image as shown in the below screenshot.

Pawan Bahuguna

Thank you very much. That worked

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