CircleCI 2.0 incorrectly groups pull

Seems that under CircleCI 2.0 pull requests are improperly grouped under pull/null instead of their actual pull request number. Here’s an example. Screenshot included below.


I am seeing the same issue. For me, it seems to only be happening in workflow builds.

I’m also seeing the same issue. Is a fix planned?

Seeing the same thing and can also verify that it’s occurring on Workflow builds. In my case I recently switched to a workflow build so not sure if it occurs on fresh repos.

We have fixed this issue. If you are still experiencing it, please email us at

Note that our fix does not apply retroactively to builds already completed. Those will continue to show “pull/null”.

I was experiencing this issue, and after closing my PR and creating a new one, I now see:

Instead of “(tag)” I would expect my github PR branch.