I’m playing around with the cool parallel feature. However the CIRCLE_NODE_INDEX variable is 0 for all container instances. The output can be found here:
There is a build-step, which just echos this variable. Please let me know, if there is an mistake in my configuration. Thanks in advance!

I’m seeing the same behavior!

An example can be seen here:

If you open up the “test” block, the first thing we do is echo CIRCLE_NODE_INDEX="$CIRCLE_NODE_INDEX". In all cases, the result is 0 :confused:

I’ve made it more clear here:

There’s a test step which just shows $CIRCLE_NODE_INDEX now, and it is still always 0

Actually, everything is OK now.

The helpful folks at Circle Support showed me that:

  • everything which needs to be parallel needs the parallel:true flag. Thinking that stuff that happens earlier on a container is around for later steps is not true
  • the YML syntax for parallel=true is strange. Take the array line which used to be a string, add a : to the end of it to make it a key in a hash, and parallel=true under it, spaced in to become a property of that above command’s key
  • some steps of the build are already parallel=true, like machine, but test is not