Circle-ci & docker

- checkout
### create TEST_RESULTS Directory
- run : sudo mkdir -p $TEST_RESULTS
- setup_remote_docker:
docker_layer_caching: false
version: 19.03.13

  • run : |
    docker login -u -p --password-stdin.
    name: Application started …

    # build wiz-dwarf docker image 
    - run: docker build -t ali2210/wiz-dwarfs. 

when circle-ci image run job. docker login job fail why and how to fix it

Hi @ali2210 thanks for writing to the CircleCI community! I see you are attempting to create a TEST_RESULTS directory using mkdir but I do not see the TEST_RESULTS variable being defined in the configuration snippet provided.

Is the path you’re hoping to use for TEST_RESULTS defined in the configuration, in a context or environment variable? If not you will need to define this path within the mkdir step itself. Otherwise, I replicated this configuration file and was successfully able to run remote docker.

Would it be possible to share the error message you are hitting? If there is any sensitive information you would like to share, you can also submit a ticket to support.