Cimg/node:16.15.0-browser does not have browsers installed

I am trying to use this image:

However I am receiving errors. after adding the orb:
browser-tools: circleci/browser-tools@1.3.0
with the step: browser-tools/install-browser-tools issues are resolved.

According to the docs it should already have the browsers installed. Is this not correct? is the addition of the step mentioned above required?

Found the answer myself. Docs confused me a bit. The orb does not automatically install the browsers, it just sets up an environment that enables installing browsers. So in addition to it, it is required to specify exactly which browser you wish to use and install them.
This creates an issue since if there are several jobs, somehow the installation should be passed to the environment so that it won’t need to be redone. Also creates an issue for parallel runs as each run will install again… Not sure how to solve the related issues