ChromeDriver occasionally hangs on init

I’m using Python and Selenium’s Chromedriver. In my 200 tests there’s always a random one that hangs entire execution. I narrowed the problem down to my setUp method:

def setUp(self):
    print('[SETUP] OPENING BROWSER...')

    self.browser = webdriver.Chrome(settings.CHROMEDRIVER_PATH)

    print('[SETUP] FINISHED!')


> command python test took more than 10 minutes since last output

It happens for different test each time, while most of them passes without problems.

It does not happen when I run tests locally on my computer.

Please, advise what should I do.

Can you add the following environment variable to your project:


You can do this via the CircleCI UI: Project settings > Environment Variables

Or in circle.yml:


Do let us know if that helps or not. Our testing suggests that this resolves issues related to x11-dbus and Xvfb in containerized environments with flaky browser testing using Selenium, Chrome / Firefox.

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This works for me. Wish I had found this thread sooner. I ended up on this post that ultimately provided the solution shared by Tom.

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Glad to hear it helped. This setting is now included in out 14.04 image: Ubuntu 14.04 Build Image Update 201701-01

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