Change node version in macos image

Came across an issue in the new macos image where the supplied version of node causes some issues running a postinstall script for fsevents. I wanted to use an older version of node to get around it - but we can’t simply specify a node version in macos images.

By my reckoning, there are two different ways to get around this. Nuke the current install and reinstall, with homebrew

bash-3.2$ brew unlink node
bash-3.2$ brew install node@8
bash-3.2$ brew link --overwrite node@8 --force

or install NVM and install the desired node version that way:

- run:
    name: Setup NVM
    command: |
      export NODE_VERSION=$(cat .nvmrc)
      curl -o- | bash -s -- --no-use
      echo 'export NVM_DIR=$HOME/.nvm' >> $BASH_ENV
      echo 'source $NVM_DIR/' >> $BASH_ENV
      echo 'nvm install v8.14.0' >> $BASH_ENV
      echo 'nvm alias default v8.14.0' >> $BASH_ENV

Am I going about this the right way? Anything I’ve done that’s either incorrect, or missing the point?

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