Cci-language-server (through vs code extension) incorrectly(?) claims orb is unused

If an orb is being used only for an executor in it, the language server doesn’t recognize this and states that the orb is unused. Removing the orb dependency line causes the language server to correctly highlight the unknown executor.


version: 2.1
  gcp: circleci/gcp-cli@3.0.1

    resource_class: small
    executor: gcp/google
      - checkout

      - deploy
# VS Code Extension Version: 1.4.0

Hi there, thank you very much for reporting this!
We are working on fixing this and should have a patch out in early January - I’ll let you know once it’s out!

This also seems to happen if using Yaml anchors:

Hi @villelahdenvuo and @dburnhamsiq!

I wanted to let you know that we’ve addressed this issue, so (hopefully!) if your extension is using the latest version of our Language Server, you should no longer see the error pop up!

(Here is how you can make sure that your extension always uses the latest version of the CircleCI Language Server)

Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 23.07.50.png

And FYI, in the lates extension release you should find a few more fixes and some new features, such as re-run with SSH directly in VS Code!


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Very nice, thanks for the update @Benny!