Carry Gradle Daemon Across Jobs

Is there any way to use the same initial gradle daemon, or to cache it somehow, across jobs? I have a list of jobs all running an identical ./gradlew assemble command, so I’m wanting to pull that out and instead place it in a required job that runs before them all to turn them into a workflow and save tons of time.

My issue is that previously, each of those jobs had two gradle commands running, the assemble and the app for UI testing. So the daemon would spin up in assemble and when the command for starting the app for UI tests ran it could skip all that setup. But after moving that assemble step out, the app run is the only gradle command for those jobs, and the daemon wastes several minutes starting up all over again in them.

I tried passing --no-daemon and adding org.gradle.daemon=false to my file, but both just makes the daemon single-use for each command so there’s no difference. Any ideas?