Can't update the ecs service

version: 2.1

  aws-ecr: circleci/aws-ecr@8.1.2
  aws-ecs: circleci/aws-ecs@3.0.0
      - aws-ecr/build-and-push-image: # Use the pre-defined `build-and-push-image` job
          dockerfile: Dockerfile
          aws-access-key-id: AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID
          aws-cli-version: latest
          aws-secret-access-key: AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY
          path: .
          profile-name: default
          repo: backend
          region: ${AWS_REGION}
          registry-id: AWS_ECR_REGISTRY_ID
          tag: 'latest'
          push-image: true
          platform: linux/amd64
      - aws-ecs/deploy-service-update:
          cluster: 'audit-progress-control'
          container-image-name-updates: 'container=backendcontainer,tag=latest'
          family: 'backendservice'
            - aws-ecr/build-and-push-image

Error: An error occurred (ClientException) when calling the DescribeTaskDefinition operation: Unable to describe task definition.


I have taken a look into this for you and the following GitHub page linked here suggests making sure the service name is correct.

If this is not the issue please feel free to raise a support ticket using the link below and our team will be happy to look into this for you.

Kind Regards
Owen Oliver