Cannot find workflow that "Needs Setup"


I just spend 2 hours debugging this. I added a new job to the circle config and pushed the branch. However, nothing was triggered and also neither the “Builds” nor the “Workflows” section on Cricle shows my branch. I then went ahead to remove everything I added, step by step. Once everything was gone the test workflow was triggered again. Now, I’m also able to see a lot of “Needs setup” statuses which tell me what is wrong with my config. It would be great if these would have shown before. Also the CLI config validation didn’t report the issue, which was that I misspelled a required job.



Our system does handle errors and report them back most of the time. If you are seeing “needs setup” that seems to indicate we do not see your configuration file in the master branch of the repo, rather than detecting something wrong with it.

Can you confirm the config file is located at ./circleci/config.yml on the master branch?


The file was where it is supposed to be. However, it contained the above-mentioned error that I misspelled a job that was required to run another one. So syntactically the file was correct but made no sense.


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