Can someone supply the correct use of match?

I’ve been struggling for a long time trying to get CircleCI to work for iOS and I’ve been getting nothing but errors.

I’ve looked at the fragmented documentation and blog posts that provide partial answers and can’t piece it all together. Can someone please tell me the correct way to build the fastfile and not give a partial answer?

The official docs say I can use:
desc “Ad-hoc build”
lane :adhoc do
match(type: “adhoc”)
gym(export_method: “ad-hoc”)

which is not the correct way to create the fastfile because it gives the error:

No code signing identity found and can not create a new one because you enabled readonly

I’ve tried using the solution from this:
but it doesn’t work, CircleCI tells me that there is an incorrect parameter in import_certificate and won’t tell me what’s wrong.

I’ve tried creating a Matchfile supplying an SSH git url, type, app identifier, and username but that too doesn’t work.

I’m at a loss because I can’t figure out what the correct fastfile is to make CircleCI work.

Something like this should work


before_all do

lane :adhoc_match do
    type: "adhoc",
    app_identifier: "insert bundle identifier",
    readonly: is_ci