Can Postgres config [postgresql.conf] file be changed using circle.yml

I am currently working on a Python-django project and use postgres for database support. I wish to turn off postgres config file variables, fsync and full_pages_writes so as to make migration files run faster for test database. Is there any way to do the same using circle.yml [circle config file]. Or any way to so this thing at all ?

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Thanks for the question. You can use sed in circle.yml like so:

    - sudo sed -i 's/OLD/NEW/' /etc/postgresql/9.5/main/postgresql.conf
    - sudo service postgresql restart
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Thank you !! This was really helpful :slight_smile:


@tom , is postgres not already optimised for fsync, full_pages_writes and other settings according to ?
Is not this script run to install postgres ?

How should one edit the postgres.conf file when using a circleci 2.0 config, with a separate container running Postgres?

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Good question @jasonworden. You can probably pass sets of individual flags to the database binary, see here.

However, if you want to write a full config file, you’d probably need to create a custom image, see here. I’d create a separate repo and build process for that, and then pull in the new image in your current repo.

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