Can I embed assets into an orb?

Hey fellows,

I’m building an orb to encapsulate helm chart validation logic for our teams. It mostly checks a bunch of policies dictated via rego policies. I’d like to embed those policies into the orb rather than having a downloadable storage somewhere and deal with the auth and such.
Do I have a way to add asset files to an orb or I’ll be forced to inline it all into my script?

Thanks for the help!

If the assets are bash scripts, CircleCI provides a way to include them through circleci orb pack CLI command.


They are .rego files. I don’t think that’ll work as it’s inlining it in the command. It’s more like I need a bunch of files on the file system to use. I guess I’ll have to use a custom docker image instead to bring those in… was trying to avoid that

Closing this, switched to a different executor using an image embedding what I needed.

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