Call for iOS projects with Exit Code 65 issues



Hey dear iOS and macOS developers,

I’m going to do some scientific-ish investigations into xcodebuilds exit code 65 in order to be able to hand Apple’s Developer Tools Team better information about what is going wrong and how we can fix these issues for good.

If you still have systemic issues with xcodebuild exit code 65 and you think you tried all the possible workarounds that were developed by CircleCI then please contact me directly at constantin[at] .

Please include link(s) to your project(s) on CircleCI and some URLs to failed builds, and please let me know if you’re fine with me SSH-ing into your builds (this will speedup the process and possible overages can be credited if you’d like us to).
I will look at your builds on a one by one case and let you know if there already is a known workaround for your issue or if there isn’t what I’m going to test with you.

Xcode Exit Code 65 + UI Tests
Xcode exit code 65