Building while in deployment with Angular-cli commands?

I’m trying to build the app while deploying but it doesn’t seem to find the commands angular-cli has ng build --env={environmentName} as the first command in each deployment returns ng command not found.

I know it’s well over a month and I hope you found the answer. But for any future readers:

ng command isn’t being found because angular_cli isn’t installed. My work around for this, and I’m not sure it’s the best way to do it, is to add npm install angular-cli to the npm start script.

After learning how to better understand CircleCI I found that adding angular-cli as a dependency takes care of ng commands, why didn’t I think of this later?

Example circle.yml

    version: 6.8.0
    - npm install npm@latest -g # Should fix bug in ng test
    - npm install angular-cli@latest -g
    - npm run test

Using npm install angular-cli@latest -g in dependencies -> pre works, but there might be another way.

Since angular-cli is installed locally the npm scripts in package.json can access the ng command (When evaluating scripts, npm adds node_modules/.bin/ to the PATH environment variable).

// This works with angular-cli installed locally only
  "scripts": {
    "test": "ng test --watch=false"

So if you can replace all you ng calls with npm scripts you dont have to install angular-cli globally.

I found it was a nice improvement because angular-cli would take ages (like 3 minutes++) to install globally and apparently would not be cached.

I tried the script you provided as well following script but I am still unable to run angular cli code in Circle.

- nvm install 6 && npm install
- nvm use 6 && ng test

Angular CLI needs node 6 or above but in both the scripts, node 4 gets installed. I have SSHed the machines and verified it. Interestingly, if I manually run nvm use 6 && ng test command (after SSH), my angular tests work.

Even though I have specified dependecies section, I notice that ‘npm install’ gets run instead of ‘nvm install 6 && npm install’