Build Failures using Pantheon / Commerce2 - UUID Issue?

HI folks,

I have an existing ticket open whilst I trial CI , but am under pressure to get this resolved today.

I have followed the guide here: which has introduced me to CI. Having followed this guide in two enviroments, I am getting build failures after the ‘reinstall with drupal commerce’ step.

Errors include:

The import failed due for the following reasons:                     [error]
Site UUID in source storage does not match the target storage.

and an expanding list of:

Entities exist of type <em class="placeholder">Order</em> and <em
class="placeholder">Order type</em> <em
class="placeholder">Default</em>. These entities need to be deleted
before importing.

The deploys to pantheon appear to work, with the site behaving as expected. As I continue to configure drupal commerce, the number of entity errors is increasing.

How do get a ‘clean build’ so I can start looking at tests?

With regards to the UUID, I noted that according to a terminus Drush command (on the panttheon environment), it may have changed as it usually matches the string in the dashboard url. Post setting it back to the original UUID I have seen no change to errors.

I do not have a local DB - I simply use git to push updates and review in the dev and test environments in pantheon. As such I can’t bootstrap Drush locally to see the ‘local’ uuid (if there even is one, its int he db usually?) - but I can find no reference to it in any file configuration.

I have checked with Pantheon support, and with Drupal Commerce forums, but no joy. Any help appreciated - I have been stuck here for a day or so now!