Build blocked

Hello, I had the parallelism in a config file that couldn’t pass since I am on the free version.

  • Uh oh! When we created this build, your project was configured to use 4x parallelism but you only had 1 container. If you haven’t already, please add more containers or lower your parallelism.
  • Sorry! Your build didn’t run because it needs more containers than your plan allows. Please decrease this project’s build parallelism.

I pushed a new conf file to github without the parallelism but circle CI seems blocked, not trying to rebuild the new version.
I tried to stop the build, re-create the project but I can’t do nothing, it’s completly blocked.
Could you have a look ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @lbouriez,

I’ve taken a look and can’t find a record of a webhook informing us of a new change to your repo anywhere. Can you try pushing a small change to the README or something to try again?

As an optional extra, if you want to dig into the webhook, maybe you can check in & click edit on the hooks to see if there are any failed ones?

If this doesn’t resolve your issue, please raise a support request so we can look into it further.

Happy building!


Hi @stig,
I tried again to push a little commit this morning and the hook worked, it’s building now.
It was not working when I opened the tickets, I tried to modify the readme 2 days ago but it was not starting.
Anyway, thx for your help.

Great! Thank you for confirming!

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