Bug: Bitbucket keys not being saved in CCI for new repos

Reproducible bug. When setting up a new repo/project in CCI, bitbucket creates the checkout key but CCI doesn’t save it, and is unable to checkout.

To reproduce:
Step 1)
Create new project in Bitbucket(BB) and add a CCI config.yml file.

Note that at this point there are no keys in BB

Step 2)
Add project in CCI.

Step 3)
Note that the CCI checkout key now exists in BB

But is not stored in CCI

The workaround is to manually add keys, but this is a new issue as of a few weeks ago and is disruptive.

Putting this in the community so that I can take advantage of inline screenshots to describe the issue, and so that others dealing with the same thing have some answers. I’m also reaching out to support.

Support escalated this to the developers and the issue was fixed sometime between yesterday and this morning. Thanks CCI!

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