Browser testing a service running with setup_remote_docker

I want to run browser tests (E2E) on a running instance of my app. To deploy the app I need to docker deploy all the micro-services and thus need to use the “setup_remote_docker” in my config.yml. Now, people, including myself, have experience a lot of issues running chrome or firefox in circle 2.0, but circle offers this image: “circleci/node:latest-browsers”, which has working firefox and chrome browsers.

I am having trouble wrapping my head around how to get my host instance to tell the remote browsers to run tests on another remote instance. I understand that in effect, all commands are executed from the host instance, but this still all confuses me. Another major issue is that in order to communicate with my app, the test code pings some localhost instance and it appears from circleci docs that this form of direct communication is not allowed.