Branch filtering ignore


Hey guys,

any news on branch filtering ignore? I was reading this post that has been closed without response:

I have exactly the same problem, if I try:

  version: 2
      - build:
              ignore: /.*/

the build job never starts, but the moment I change the regex to something else, like /^workbase.*/,
the job always gets executed, even when I am making a PR from a branch called workbase-ignore .

EDIT: I have also tried using only: /^workbase.*/, with this setting the job is not running (always from branch workbase-ignore) - so maybe the regex is wrong? I copied it from the tag example in the docs.
I have also tried all the above without regex, i.e. using the ignore: workbase-ignore - still it does not work

Any suggestions on what else I can try?




Oh ok,
so the problem is that triggering CircleCI only when creating a new PR makes the tests run on a automatically generated (I guess) branch - something like pull/2949.

I have tried using ignore: /pull.*/ and it actually works!

How does CircleCI end up using such a branch, does it get created in the checkout step?

If triggering CI only on PRs is there a way for us to filter jobs? Given that we cannot attach tags to PRs

Thank you very much!



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