Bad values in /etc/hosts

Hi all!

The first step in Start container sets up incorrect values in /etc/hosts:

Applying container tweaks
  $ rm -f /etc/apt/sources.list.d/{google.list,google-chrome.list,typesafe-apt.list}; if [ -e /home/ubuntu/.config ]; then chown -R ubuntu /home/ubuntu/.config; fi; echo '' >> /etc/hosts; echo '' >> /etc/hosts; echo 'export PATH=/opt/google-cloud-sdk/bin:$PATH' >> /home/ubuntu/.circlerc

The values added to /etc/hosts will be:

This is incorrect: /etc/hosts maps domain names to IPs, not URLs to IPs. Syntactically correct values would be:

I reported this error previously on Twitter, which I’m sure isn’t the appropriate venue for it:

Hope that helps someone!