AWS EKS Orb: AWS IAM Authenticator install fails (missing or malformed URL)

:wave: Hi CircleCI users!

If you’re using the AWS EKS Orb, you probably started seeing the install-aws-iam-authenticator command/step fail with various cURL errors:

  • curl: (3) URL using bad/illegal format or missing URL
  • curl: (3) malformed
  • curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found

This issue is due to the latest release (v0.5.2) of the AWS IAM Authenticator package not including executable assets.

A GitHub issue has been created to report this.

In the meantime, as a workaround, we suggest specifying the last version with binaries (v0.5.1) in the release-tag parameter or the authenticator-release-tag parameter.

We just released circleci/aws-eks@1.0.1 which temporary pins the latest version as v0.5.1, if it’s not explicitly set in the commands parameters.

As per the related GitHub issue, the release v0.5.2 of the AWS IAM Authenticator package has been republished, and now includes the executable assets.

The workaround we initially suggested is no longer necessary.