Auth.json credentials in circleci build

Hi Guys,

I have a private bitbucket repo that I need to access during the build. I have this all working with my credentials in composer.json but I’d prefer they be out of the git repo if possible.
Is there a way I can store these credentials in CircleCI to be used when needed?



At the project level you can store them as Environment Variables.

An alternative would be to place them in a third-party store like doppler, which can then sync them with one or more circleci projects. I’ve taken this to the extreme on some of my projects as doppler is providing the values needed not just to build a project, but also drive the deployment of the OS platform as well as the values used to define each of the running environments in the CI pipeline and production systems. The result is no .env files across our whole environment.

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Thanks for this.

The environment variable COMPOSER_AUTH does exactly what I need.

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