Attempting to purge mysql* on Trust, failing due to confirmation prompy



I’m attempting to purge mysql completely before installing Mariadb, which worked great on 12.04, but sadly is failing on 14.04.

This is the command I’m running in depedencies/pre: sudo apt-get purge -y mysql* mariadb*

At some point a prompt appears asking me to confirm removing the directories:

Package configuration┌──────────────────┤ Configuring mysql-community-server ├──────────────────┐│││ This operation will remove the data directory at ‘/var/lib/mysql’ that ││ stores all the databases, tables and related meta-data. Additionally, ││ any import or export files stored at ‘/var/lib/mysql-files’ will be││ removed along with directory, as well as the contents of││ /var/lib/mysql-keyring. It is highly recommended to take data backup││ before removing the data directories.││││ Remove data directories ?││││

Does anyone know how I can automatically say yes? Or ignore this prompt? I already tried simply removing the directories before running the purge, but the prompt still appears.


There are a couple ways to pass yes to commands, try giving some of these a try.


Yea I tried using yes as well as echo but they don’t work. I believe it’s because it’s a dialog menu, not just a stdin prompt.


Anyone still struggling with this, after some battling I managed to remove mysql-server using the following:
machine: pre: - DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive sudo apt-get --purge autoremove mysql-server