Assigning parameter variable in shell script

I want to assign the parameter variable to a variable so that it can use awk to extract a value out of it.


Unclosed '<<' tag in string: '. ~/.env

MY config.yml :

ACCOUNT_PARMS ="<< parameters.account_assignment_params >>"
ACCOUNT_NUMBER= $(awk -F ',' '{print $3}' <<< ${ACCOUNT_PARMS}) 

You can try the following

Don’t think this relates to my problem here.

Something like this works:

ACCOUNT=“<< pipeline.parameters.ACCOUNTS >>”

On the same lines, what is the equivalent for assigning value to a variable for a parameter.?

There is a complication when using a config.yml file that contains a bash script.

The circleci parser is looking for things like “<< pipeline.parameters.ACCOUNTS >>” so that it can perform substitution of the value for the placeholder. So the “<<<” starts this process and results in an error.

So it would be worth trying the idea put forward in the post I linked to as it may work.