Api to trigger build sometimes fail with no reason or feedback


I am following the documentation here to trigger a job in one repo. (https://circleci.com/docs/2.0/api-job-trigger/) The curl command is called from another repo.

It is a very important feature because of dependency between my repos. ie.e I need to be able to trigger a job of repo A after repo B build process is completed. I will need to call the api to build A from within repo B’s .circleci/config.yml

Last week I was able to use this command to trigger a build

curl -u ${APP_TOKEN}: https://circleci.com/api/v1.1/project/github/mycompany/myproject/tree/dev

Then today this just failed to work anymore.

Now curl just returns a json object. Here is a part of the json result:

  "compare" : null,
  "previous_successful_build" : {
    "build_num" : 187,
    "status" : "success",
    "build_time_millis" : 1452438
  "build_parameters" : {
    "CIRCLE_JOB" : "build"
  "oss" : false,
  "all_commit_details_truncated" : false,
  "committer_date" : "2018-03-23T01:13:12Z",
  "body" : "",
  "usage_queued_at" : "2018-03-24T04:54:31.082Z",
  "fail_reason" : null,
  "retry_of" : null,
  "reponame" : "appengine",
  "ssh_users" : [ ],
  "build_url" : "https://circleci.com/gh/mycompany/myproject/188",
  "parallel" : 1,
  "failed" : false,
  "branch" : "dev",
  "username" : "mycompany",
  "author_date" : "2018-03-23T01:13:12Z",
  "why" : "api",
  "user" : {
    "is_user" : false,
    "login" : "none"
  "vcs_revision" : "0e8bcea4c3d8fff00e1aa9988c901d2783552f98",
  "vcs_tag" : null,

As you can see this clearly indicate a successful build that’s triggered by api.

What seems to be the problem? Is it my token or it is something broken on circleci?

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