API endpoint for linting config files

Would be great to have an API way to lint config files, similar as Travis CI does it: https://docs.travis-ci.com/api#linting

Are there any plans for this? I assume you have an internal linter for the config files. Maybe this one could be exposed via the API…

You can get config validation in our CLI using circleci config validate - does that give you what you need?

Thanks @ndintenfass.
I am aware of this method. However, I wrote an API client package and for this I would need an explicit api endpoint to support linting :slightly_smiling_face:

I filed a bug 3 months ago about the CLI validate tool not using the same validation rules/grammar as the actual parser on the CI servers. Useless as a validator as a result; passes things that don’t work on the server.

I’m not the only one to find issues with it: https://ideas.circleci.com/ideas/CCI-I-1131

and a number of others in the Bug Reports section on discuss.circleci.com (many closed due to lack of comments, not because they were actually fixed).