Apache hanging on finishing request

Hi all,

I have a weird issue, my build seems to work and set itself up. I’m running a Symfony2 (2.6) framework app. However running the behat (gherkin) based tests which tests the webpages I get timeouts coming back from curl.

Testing this via SSH e.g. curl -k https://mydomain/ gives me a full page right up to the </body> tag but then does not complete the document. If I try to access a direct page that skips out the framework I get the full page with no delay e.g curl -k https://mydomain/app.css. This does not happen in dev so something is different with CircleCI but I have no idea what that is to make it do this.

Any suggestions welcome.

Can you run the tests manually via SSH to see if you can get any additional logging from Apache or PHP?

Thanks for responding @levlaz this now seems to be working even though nothing has changed… most odd